Cheeky Lil Monkey

A soft toy that is also a tablet carrier and viewing cradle


Introducing Cheeky Lil Monkey the first cute and cuddly soft toy that also doubles as a tablet or book carrier, viewing or reading cradle. He is a mischievous monkey accident-prone who has lots of fun. The soft toy’s unique feature is that his back has a pouch,where a mini tablet or book up to 7 inches, can be stored safely when travelling or just on the move.

The pocket could just as easily hold pens, pencils, paper, crayons, snacks or small precious toys etc. When required the toy’s weighted body can be positioned upright by attaching his arms to his feet with nylon fasteners and you can then rest a tablet against his chest with his feet creating a viewing platform. His secure tail makes a natural carry handle.

Initial tests have proven that Cheeky Lil Monkey is very popular with disgruntled toddlers. Our research discovered colours that babies and toddlers respond to most positively and have a calming effect and these have been incorporated into the design.

NB – We are currently developing a sing along child-pacifying app and book to complement Cheeky Lil Monkey’s playful personality. All customers will be notified on there completion.


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Here's our short animation to give you a taste of the app that's coming soon.

To find out more contact us now!